Gear Motor

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As the reputable gear motor supplier in Malaysia, ADK recognizes the vital role of efficient motors in powering your industrial machinery and equipment. Our electric motors are designed to ensure high performance, energy efficient, and unmatched durability. With our extensive range of electric motors, we offer the perfect solution to meet your specific requirements.

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Our main goal is to offer dependable and efficient motor solutions that enhance the smooth operations and productivity across various industries. Through our comprehensive selection of electric motors in Malaysia, especially being the main supplier for SEW Eurodrive gear motors, we aspire to be the preferred destination for businesses seeking high-quality motors in Malaysia. 

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Gear Motor


Used for loads that requires speed control. Typical applications of wound rotor or slip ring induction motors are crushers, plunger pumps, cranes & hoists, elevators, compressors and conveyors in all manufacturer industries


  • AC Induction motor
  • LV motor
  • MV motor
  • HV motor
  • Ex-proof motor
  • Servo motor
  • Gearmotor


Brand:  Sew Eurodrive  WEG  Brook Crompton  Sumitomo Drive Technologies