Conveyor Belt

Elevate Your Industrial Operations with ADK Conveyor Belts in Malaysia

Wire mesh conveyor belts, such as metal conveyor chains, are invaluable components that serve a multitude of purposes in various industries. These versatile belts are meticulously designed to excel in scenarios demanding high resistance to heat, optimal airflow, or the ability to handle irregularly shaped products. With their malleable nature and resilient construction, wire mesh conveyor belts are integral to conveyor systems in Malaysia.

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Conveyor Belt

Metal conveyor belt in any kind of production line for transporting for many applications and a variety of processes for high temperature (baking, solar panel maker, bakery and snack food conveying) or freezing temperature (frozen food conveying) applications


  • Chain driven mesh belt
  • Balanced weave wire mesh belt
  • Dry ash conveyor mesh belt
  • Flexible rod belt, Spiral freezer conveyor belt
  • Flat flex belting, Honeycomb conveyor belt